A rundown of the best workbench accessories

A rundown of the best workbench accessories

A workbench is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can add to your workplace. It functions as a space to work on your projects, as well as coming in handy for storing your tools and parts.

Once you have found your perfect workbench, it’s time to accessorise it. There are so many different accessories available to purchase which can make your tasks much easier. Keep reading to find out some of the best and most popular additions for your workbench.

Power strip

If you carry out a lot of electrical work on or near your workbench, you’ll know that cords can quickly get tangled up. This not only creates a trip hazard for yourself and anyone else working within the same area but also gives the workspace a messy and unsightly look.

A cord extender or power strip can help solve this problem. It allows several power tools to be safely plugged in at once, giving you the flexibility to use all types of machines around your workbench.

Vices and clamps

Working alone lets you take control of tasks and do things your own way, but sometimes you need an extra pair of hands to hold items down – and vices or clamps can do just that. Simply attach one to the edge or top of your workbench and, just like that,it is ready to use.

There are several types of vice available, so it is important to know which one is right for your type of work:

  • Woodworking vice: this is one of the most common vice types to be found on workbenches. There are many different styles and they are invaluable for holding workpieces in a rock-solid position.
  • Pipe vice: this holds a piece of pipe or tube securely so that it can be cut or threaded. It is most commonly used as a plumbing tool or apparatus in the assembly of components for pipelines.
  • Vacuum vice: this type can swivel up to 360 degrees and can lock at any preferred angle, which is ideal when doing detailed work. Typically, a vacuum vice is supplied with a suction mount to attach it easily to a workbench.
  • Metalworking vice: this type of vice is associated with two parallel iron jaws with a wide opening base. The metal jaws are used to hold down a workpiece as it is attached to a bench that secures its stability. Also known as an engineer’s vice, it is made with a thick metal body and is therefore very strong and durable.

Self-healing cutting mats

Rotary cutters, craft knives and other sharp, cutting tools can damage and scratch your workbench, leaving it with unsightly marks.

By installing a self-healing cutting mat over the top of your workbench you can ensure long-lasting and durable protection for years to come.

Made from unique composite PVC vinyl materials with solid plastic cores, self-healing cutting mats come in various sizes and types including green or clear colours, as well as heavy-duty options too.

Louvre panels

These panels are extremely useful thanks to the louvred design consisting of indents on large metal or plastic sheets. The louvres can hold storage bins, tools, paper and much more. Louvre panels are an ideal accessory for workbenches and many types also feature a small pinboard that is useful for keeping information sheets to hand.

They can be fitted to the rear support posts of your workbench to help keep all your tools and small parts tidy.


Installing a lamp or light source onto your workbench will help you see the projects you’re working on better, especially the detailed ones. This reduces the chances of eye strain, headaches and neck pain, too.

Most clamp lamps attach to the side or the top of your bench and feature a flexible body that allows you to move it around your workbench wherever you need more light.

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