A free VPN also for entrepreneurs?

A free VPN also for entrepreneurs?

We live in an era where privacy is constantly under discussion. If you read the news regularly, then you undoubtedly know what is this issue about. There have been several scandals about data leaks, with the result of having valuable information ending up on the street. It is very disappointing, how large technology companies are poorly dealing with our contemporary privacy.

For this reason, it is advisable to use a VPN. With a VPN you can surf the internet anonymously and, in many cases, this is very beneficial. For example, if you are an entrepreneur, you regularly provide sensitive information. Then of course, you don’t want this information to end up in the wrong hands.

When it comes to a VPN, you can go for a free VPN or a paid one. A free VPN sounds of course attractive, however it has also some caveats. In this article we will discuss about this in more detail. 

Restriction on your data limit

A big disadvantage of a free VPN is that they are usually offered with a restriction on your data limit. So, you can only use it for a maximum period. If you surf a lot on the internet, then this has several disadvantages. You may be able to surf safely for a while, but if your data limit is finished, then you will not be able to surf safely for the rest of the month. The point is, then, that many VPN providers offer that free version as a kind of disguised trial version. You can then use the VPN and if you are satisfied with it, they assume you will get a premium VPN.

Not always safe

Another disadvantage of a free VPN is that it is not always secure. The irony is that you use a VPN to surf the internet safely. But with a free VPN, this security is not always guaranteed, due to their privacy policies and the income model that they have. So, if you really want to surf the internet safely, a paid version is still recommended.


The advantage is that a VPN does not have to be very expensive. For example, you can choose NordVPN. There you can take out a subscription with a substantial discount and it also has many special features. 

Faster servers

Of course, you want to enjoy anonymous internet, but you also want to be able to surf the internet quickly at the same time. Fortunately, with NordVPN you can enjoy very fast and stable servers. This is because there are several servers located in different countries. The closer the server is to your internet point, the faster the servers are. So, if you go abroad, chances are that your connection will keep being fast, safe and anonymous.

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NordVPN also has other great features such as: strict no-logs policies (where your private data is not tracked or collected), you can also connect several devices to one VPN account, or if you are abroad, you can access websites or programs that might be blocked in other countries. That is why because of these and many other features it is advisable to check whether NordVPN is for you.

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