A Digital Marketing and SEO Agency Explained

A Digital Marketing and SEO Agency Explained

Digital Marketing and SEO Agencies Explained

Many managers are considering changing their brand’s marketing focus to an online platform. They’ve seen all the success brands have enjoyed during the Covid lockdown and quarantine period and how having a digital presence even saved some of these brands from bankruptcy. 

They understand that changing to an effective digital marketing platform demands partnering with an experienced and skilled digital marketing or SEO agency. However, they’re not sure which one to choose because they don’t know exactly what each of them does. 

Difference Between SEO and Digital Marketing

Most well-respected digital marketing agencies in Malaysia also offer SEO services. This is why there is so much confusion in the terms they use to refer to themselves. Any digital marketing exercise on a website first requires that the site be optimised to give the exercise the best chance of showing positive results. 

When most brands partner with an agency, they intend to use their own website as the destination for web traffic resulting from marketing campaigns. They may also wish to turn their site into an ecommerce platform. The agency can provide multiple ad campaigns across Google and social media sites that will drive traffic to your site. They can also install an ecommerce platform that all this traffic will automatically be directed to. 

But before any of this can happen, your site has to be fast and robust to handle the additional traffic while still offering browsers and potential customers a quality informational and shopping experience.

Mechanics of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and that’s what an SEO team does; they optimise your website to perform on a search engine. Google is by far the most popular search engine in the world, and so most SEO teams use the parameters established by Google and optimise the coding in which the site was created to make your site perform well. 

The team first runs an SEO audit of your site and presents the results to you. This will give you an idea of all the things the SEO team will be fixing before any marketing can be done on the site. 

If your site is slow to appear on the search engine, they’ll work on increasing the loading speed. They’ll fix all the broken links on the site that would frustrate users looking for a specific page. They’ll also refresh the content so your site will appear higher up in the site rankings of companies in your industry. 

Results of SEO

An experienced SEO team can be as valuable as all the digital marketing campaigns you run. Many users aren’t looking to buy when they first start looking for products online; they’re just looking for relevant information. Content marketing is an effective way to market your brand, products and services without paying for Google or social media ad platforms. It also increases your site ranking, which raises your brand awareness. 

Contact Primal to learn all of the benefits that a combined programme of SEO and digital marketing can provide for your brand.  

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