A cheap way to write an essay

A cheap way to write an essay

Some students are regularly opting for support in essay writing by applying to professional services. This is a comfortable and effective way to ease the studying process and get the most out of your time, as delegating is the key to success. However, for some students applying to an essay writing service means spending additional funds on essays, and they are looking for cheap alternatives. The most inexpensive way to write an essay is to create it by yourself. In our article, we will reveal some secrets of writing a top-notch essay without spending money.

Prepare patiently

Proceed with several preparation steps. Take time to read the rubrics and instructions your teacher gave you to understand the core requirements. You will define the type of your forthcoming paper, word count, topic, sources, etc. All these details are vital for making your essay perfect and getting high grades. For example, the type of essay would define its content and structure, and the topic selection offered by teachers would sufficiently help you narrow the area of research.

Conduct research

Your future essay would require from you some previous sourcing to get relevant facts and form your opinion on the subject. Use various types of sources to make the paper enjoyable and engaging to read. Your research must include such types of courses as blogs, vlogs, podcasts, websites, online libraries and databases, books, science journals, thesis papers, abstracts, and other essays.

Outline in detail

A good essay requires a broad outline, but a perfect essay needs a detailed outline that would look more like the first draft of your forthcoming paper. Make sure to spend enough time structuring your paper. It would economize your time and make all the information clearer in your head. Here are the sections to include in a standard 5-paragraph essay:

  • Introduction. Make it easier for your readers to get the core points of the text. Introduce the topic and briefly present the central ideas. It would help if you hooked an audience with an unexpected twist, joke, quotation, etc.
  • The body. After the introduction, you should include at least three body paragraphs. These sections would present the facts and arguments to define and support your vision as an author. Each part must be bound to the next section with logic and cohesive words.
  • Conclusion. This section contains summarizing data on the topic. You can restate some core points and present the most substantial arguments. Add some suggestions for the future on the essay’s subject, if it would be appropriate.

Be attentive while editing

Once you have completed the final version of the essay, take a break and distract yourself from the process. Get back to your paper in several hours and read the content twice. You need to be a critic regarding the paper and take away all unchecked data and unnecessary facts. After you are satisfied with the content, proceed with grammar, style, spelling, and formatting. Double-check the paper for mistypes and other errors in the text. It would help if you would use some free online tools and ease the proofreading process. We wish you luck on your efforts!

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