9 affordable ways to design your home like a luxury hotel

9 affordable ways to design your home like a luxury hotel

Bedroom – luxurious and comfortable

If you are aiming for the style of a luxury hotel, then the bed in the bedroom should be the center of attention. Think of all the hotels you’ve visited – the design of the bedroom is always well thought out and filled with appropriate textiles: bedding, curtains, and pillows from top-notch textile.

We start with the purchase of a good, high-quality mattress and a mattress cover for it, which will increase comfort, orthopedic properties, and the life of the mattress. We make good quality cotton bedding.

Decorate the bed with a beautiful headboard: elegant wood, upholstered in silk or leather, possibly soft velour. Add two bedside tables, side lamps, a couple of cozy armchairs, a nice wardrobe, and a TV that can be hidden in the closet.

SPA bathroom

Most likely, in the hotel room, you saw a glass shower cubicle, good-quality plumbing fixtures, a double set of sinks with a large mirror, and lamps. Also, there were the towels, cotton bathrobes, and the aromas of scented soap, shampoo, and aromatic oils.

Luxury hotels have heated towel rails and underfloor heating. It is not necessary to use them all, the main thing is to bring an atmosphere of comfort to everything.

Entrance hall in luxury style

The atmosphere of luxury and comfort envelops you immediately upon entering an expensive hotel. Orchid vases, flower arrangements, sparkling mirrors, comfortable seating areas, dim lights, and amazing artwork. Therefore, you will also pay attention to the design of your hallway.

How do you do something like this in your home? You need to highlight the focal points along which the eyes of the guests who have come to you will move. It can be a small lacquered, marble, wooden table for a standard hallway or a large round table with a flower arrangement in the center of the hallway of a spacious house.

Add decor: a beautiful lamp, a ball vase for trinkets, books or magazines, fresh flowers. We advise you to hang a picture or a mirror over the table, for example, in the form of a star. If you still have room, add a soft pouf, it is so comfortable to sit on and take off your shoes.

Curtains like in an expensive hotel

Sew or order luxurious curtains for your home. You will independently choose a high-quality, expensive fabric, braid, decorative elements, curtain tacks that will ideally suit your room, discuss the details of the cut and drapery, and the result will be stunning.

You shouldn’t skimp on textiles, their quality and style greatly influence the overall look of your luxury home. Use jacquard, linen, brocade, satin, curtain fur, organza, which will emphasize the sophistication of the luxury interior.

The same applies to decorative pillows – it is better to buy them to order. Today, you can even use custom personalized pillows, for example, with your drawing or photo. A large selection of shapes, sizes, fabrics, and designs you can find at AllAboutVibe website.

Climate control

A good hotel is never too hot or too cold. The temperature is usually kept at the optimum temperature that you feel comfortable at. In order to create such conditions at home, take care of installing an air conditioning system.

If finances do not allow you to purchase an air conditioner, you can get out of the situation by installing a ceiling fan in the bedroom. This option, at least, will give you the opportunity to sleep in a comfortable environment.


The hotel is always well lit by chandeliers, wall sconces, floor lamps, and fixtures in every nook and cranny.

The chandelier should be a modern one and meet all your needs. Do not save, because this is a purchase for many years. It is also a good idea to install a dimmer. With it, you can gently adjust the brightness level of the lamps.

Organization of space

The space of a room in any hotel is well organized, no matter whether it is large or small. There are necessarily cabinets, tables, shelves with many drawers, and other storage places. Use niches, awkward and hard-to-reach places to organize shelves or shelving.

Use baskets to store things, and place decorative ball vases for various knickknacks. On open shelves, you can place your favorite collection, beautiful vases, and lamps. Chairs, preferably not scattered across the room, try grouping them together to create a social area.

Flowers and plants in every room

Elegant flower arrangements can be found in every room of the high-end hotel.

The smell is one of our most powerful senses, so when entering a hotel, we hear the scent of flowers before we see them. Of course, freshly cut flowers cannot keep their fresh appearance for a long time, and therefore such a composition or bouquet requires care, constant renovation, and money.

But even with a modest budget, you can decorate your home with greenery and flowers. Indoor flowers are a good option for landscaping: orchid, palm yucca, dieffenbachia, indoor rose, hippeastrum, hibiscus (standard tree), bamboo.

Relaxation is the main thing in a luxury hotel

All hotels pay maximum attention to the rest of their visitors: sauna, indoor pool, gym, cinema, games room. If money allows you to create something like this at home, then this will be the best way to relax after a hard day.

With more modest possibilities, it is also possible to organize such a zone. For example, a home gym could easily replace a treadmill in front of the TV. Large floor-to-ceiling mirror, compact bar fridge with refreshing drinks and water, towel rack – the mini-gym is ready!

You can also create a SPA space for relaxation and yoga. Choose a secluded corner of your home that is quiet and dim. Add candles, soft carpet, and throw comfy pillows. A nice table for aromatic oils and candles, with a bar for drinks and treats, will come in handy.

Summing up

As you can see, it is not so difficult to make the decor in the style of an expensive hotel. The main emphasis should be placed on the quality of materials, a minimalistic uncluttered interior, kept in the same colors. And of course, don’t forget about the rich greenery – flowers and plans.

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