8 wedding embroidery ideas machine embroiderers will love

8 wedding embroidery ideas machine embroiderers will love

Weddings are a time to honor two people’s, endless love. Personalized goods are essential for providing an unforgettable experience for a couple and their guests. Personalized digitizing goods are essential for providing an unforgettable experience for a couple and their guests. Continue reading for a complete list of all the ways you might “tailor” the big day.

Embroidered caps

Listen to what we have to say. This is where you come in: create a cap that both commemorates the occasion and looks so amazing that everyone will want to jump up and grab one to take home with them! Terrific music, lights, and party hats are a great way for a bride and groom to get everyone up and dancing during their reception.


A great gift for guests to remember the couple’s anniversary for years to come is embroidering a metallic border design or a monogram on the corners of a napkin. Are you aware of the wedding’s colour scheme? The pair can even use these napkins as a memento of their special day on their anniversary.

Table numbers

Every table should be assigned a number so that guests can find their seats. The table decorations will certainly stand out as a result of this. Create embroidered table number hoops to alter up the way the numbers are displayed. These are hand embroidered, but you can easily machine embroider these by adding the design to the cloth and cutting it to fit into one of the wooden hoops!

Duck canvas, which is a tightly woven cloth, is one of the best materials to utilise for these hoops. It’s noted for its toughness and strength, all of which are necessary for achieving a clean and complex design. To make the design more memorable, we recommend putting the number in the accent colour or surrounding it with a floral pattern.

Napkin holders

To mark the big day, embroider free-standing lace napkin holders if the bride is seeking for an elegant, basic aesthetic. To ensure that you have adequate of stability during embroidering, try applying two sheets of wash soluble stabiliser. Embroider the happy couple’s initials as well as the wedding date. While the stabiliser provides rigidity while embroidering the design, it is wiped away when you are through, leaving only the thread. Use a water soluble stabiliser to guarantee that you have a sturdy surface to stitch on while embroidering these napkin holders.

Embroidered burlap cover for mason jar

Guests can take these mason jars home with them if they are set on the tables. To add a special touch, fill them with butter creams or sweets. Make your client’s vision of a rustic, stylish wedding a reality by embroidering their wedding date or initials on a burlap mason jar sleeve. Do you want to embroider items for a rustic or country wedding? Your best friend is burlap.

Burlap is a much easier cloth to sew with, so this is a simple and attractive method to make the drinking cups stand out. Did we mention it also helps to keep the condensation on the cup to a minimum? Definitely worthy of a photograph!

Wedding gift bags

You can smooth out puckering by applying heat to the cloth, as long as you don’t apply too much heat to the stitches. Embroidered satin bows can be used to wrap around centrepieces or decorations.

As the needle embroiders through the fabric, this will help guarantee the fabric remains firm and does not shift about. Using either one cutaway sheet or two tearaway sheets to prevent puckering is one option. Satin is more prone to puckering, or the fabric pinching up around the embroidery design.

Free-standing lace earrings for bridesmaids‘ gifts

As a bridesmaid’s gift, metallic jewellery is expected. This will set your portfolio distinct from other embroidery digitizing companies, especially given how modernised wedding ideas have gotten. Make a free-standing lace earring or free-standing lace sandals for the bride’s wedding party to wear to help her stand out.

Handkerchiefs for parents and grandparents

Embroidering their initials, lining the item with a slogan they constantly utter, or simply writing the wedding date is the greatest way to make it customized. Help the pair express their gratitude by making an embroidered gift for both sides of the family’s parents or grandparents. We recommend a handkerchief, but anything that can be embroidered is worth considering. Whether you’re making napkin holders or burlap cup sleeves for a client, it’s critical to use the best materials possible to achieve the greatest results. 

This is all you need to know about eight creative wedding ideas to embroider. If you need any help with the topic or anything related to machine embroidery digitizing services, feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to assist you. 

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