8 facts to know about Super Top up Insurance Policy

8 facts to know about Super Top up Insurance Policy

Life is very uncertain nowadays, so the person needs to be prepared for every difficult situation in advance. A person does not know his or her future. The major of the situation arises because of health issues or financial issues. So for both these conditions, it is very important to have good insurance for yourself especially the health one. Nowadays the trend of purchasing insurance has increased a lot, so there are a lot of options available in the market. One of the best insurance so far is super top up health insurance. It is the policy that offers insurance coverage above the chosen deductible limit and also offers extraordinary features.

This insurance policy will provide financial relaxation in the event when the hospitalization bill crosses the insured amount under the mediclaim policy. This is like an extra layer that comes into action when the limit gets exhausted. There is a certain fact that every person should know about Super Top Up Policy. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Many times there are chances that some people think that both medical and super top-up health insurance is the same. But actually, these are not. Mediclaim provides insurance on the hospitalization bill to a pre-decided bill. In case the bill crosses that limit then super top-up health insurance is used. Both these insurance policies can work together.
  • This insurance policy is very helpful to people as health problems can come to any person at any time. There is no surety that how much money is required to get things under control. This insurance policy ensures the person pays for the money that exceeds the claim price. This way, the person can get the best treatment without worrying about anything.
  • The entire family or the members up to 4 can be covered in this insurance claim. There is a certain age limit to this insurance policy like the person and the spouse will be insured up to 8 years of age and 2 dependent children up to the age of 25 are covered under the claim of the policy.
  • All the terms and conditions regarding the premium and the age limit are disclosed in the terms and conditions of the insurance. It will be very helpful for the person to read them carefully so that at the time of use the policy can benefit with the best.
  • The base of the super top-up health insurance is the medical policy, it can be either an individual mediclaim policy or the floater mediclaim policy. Even it can be the group mediclaim policy that is provided by the employer. This insurance will be applied on the money that exceeds beyond the sum insured in mediclaim.
  • The person can get the super top-up health insurance even if he does not have the medicalim. This can be a great option as it will limit the expense of the premium.
  • The super top-up health insurance covers almost all the hospitalization expenses. It also covers the following things:
    • Even it will provide the cover for the pre-existing disease that too from day 1.
    • It covers all the hospitalization expenses throughout the country that can be either accident or natural disease.
    • There is no requirement for pre-testing before getting the insurance policy.
    • There is a requirement of a minimum of 24 hours of hospitalization record to get the claim.
    • All the expenses can be covered within 60 days.
    • The clause of this insurance does not apply to the diseases like chemotherapy, fractures, any daycare treatment, and cataracts.
  • This policy covers the expenses of all medical treatments that involve hospitalization but it does not include maternity claims.

So looking at all these fun facts, it might be clear that how this policy is very helpful to the person. Even having the insurance policy will not only help the people at hard times but it will also help in getting the tax advantages in the long run. Having this insurance will help people to live their life freely without the worry of anything in the future. Even it has helped people to have cashless hospital bills which is a great advantage. It is better to look for good options in health insurance so that you can secure yourself and your family. Not only this, Care insurance an online platform has come up with Care Travel Insurance. It is an insurance policy that provides a claim for the expenses that have incurred due to uncertain events like trip cancelations, medical emergencies, travel delays, baggage loss, etc. It will be great to find the best insurance policies at one of the leading online insurance platforms Care insurance so that you have a claim for every uncertainty that might happen in the future.

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