7 Ways to Protect Your Eyes with Makeup

7 Ways to Protect Your Eyes with Makeup

Females and their obsession with makeup is a never-ending discussion. No matter from which walk of life they belong, females are crazy about makeup.

Not only do they love to buy new makeup products but also they love to wear those daily. When it comes to makeup products, eye makeup is the most favourite makeup product for children.

How is makeup affecting your eyes?

Despite how appealing your eyes look after applying the makeup products, the fact that these makeup products are causing irreversible damage to your eyes remains there. From contact lenses induced allergies to eye shadows causing eye irritation, makeup products induced damage is quite common.

My sister who developed an eye allergy went to the best eye doctor in Lahore, she was diagnosed with a chronic eye infection. Later, her physician found that the problem arose due to wearing contact lenses and wasn’t noticed for a long time.

How to protect your eyes with makeup?

Whether you are a routine makeup wearer or apply makeup occasionally, it is recommended to ensure good makeup practices to keep your eyes healthy with makeup. Here are a few things you can try to minimize eye damage from makeup, including;

1- Always apply makeup with clean hands

Irrespective of what kind of makeup you are applying, it is important to apply it on a clean surface with clean hands. Your skin as well as makeup applicants can house bacteria and other irritants that could irritate and can cause infection. It is recommended to wash your face and makeup applications to reduce your risk of eye problems.

2- Follow three months rule

Remember every makeup product you are using comes with an expiry date. Though the shelf lives of products may vary as a rule of thumb, it is recommended to change your eye makeup products every three months. When you try to use a product, mark the date in your calendar and get it replaced after three months.

3- Don’t share your makeup products

Though it is generally said that sharing is caring, this doesn’t apply to makeup products. Sharing your makeup products or even the makeup applicants others were using put you at risk of developing eye infections. If you share your gold liner with your friend make sure before you apply it next time because bacteria residing on other’s eyes can travel to yours by travelling via your makeup products applications.

4- One new product at a time!

Women are quite picky about their makeup products and tend to revise their collection over time. Though women love to try new makeup trends, I heard an eye specialist from Lahore medicare eye center saying that trying too many new products can be bad for you. This is particularly for people who have sensitive skin. So, in the case, if a new product isn’t suitable the doctor could figure out which will not be possible while applying multiple new products at once. 

5- Don’t block your oil glands

Most people love to apply makeup on their lash line and sometimes too much makeup. However, it is said that applying the product over and below your eyelid can block your oil glands. Blocking of the oil gland will affect the normal functioning of your eye increasing your risk of developing eye problems.

6- Do safe sampling

Many people prefer to go for sampling before buying the makeup products but do you think this isn’t always workable? When it comes to makeup sampling, make sure the demonstrator is using the clean applicants onto your skin. You can even ask them to use an untouched product because makeup products that are applied to other people can be a carrier of the infection-causing organism.

7- Look for the signs

No matter how carefully you choose and apply a makeup product, you can still develop one. So, if you apply makeup daily make sure you look for your eyes’ response. Some many signs and symptoms can indicate eye infection including eye redness, itching, water discharge from the eyes and eye puffiness.

Bottom Line!

Eye health is crucial for our overall well-being because our eyes act as windows for the outside world. One should be very careful about ensuring good makeup practices to ensure eye health. In case your eyes are troubling or showing certain signs and symptoms, it is recommended to immediately go to an ophthalmologist.

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