7 Best Bungee Jumping Spots in The World

7 Best Bungee Jumping Spots in The World

Bungee jumping- the act of throwing yourself off of a tall place with only a long rubber band wrapped around your feet. 

Easily, this is one of the most beloved activities for adventure aficionados, understandably so. The feeling of freefalling into the abyss and experiencing anxiety and excitement at the same time is enjoyable for many. After all, adrenaline-pumping activity with stunning landscapes all around is the icing on the cake. 

Here, we list seven of the top places you can go if an unforgettable bungee jumping experience is on your bucket list. 

Nevis Highwire (New Zealand)

New Zealand has a lot to offer when it comes to attractive thrills. One of the best places that prove that is the Nevis Highwire, situated in the Nevis River Valley. You can take a shuttle all the way from Queensland and reach the jumping point within 40 minutes approximately. 

The view of the Southern Alps is appealing and adds to the experience, especially when one is jumping from a height of 134 meters for an 8.5-second fall. The bridge itself is an attractive place, with a glass floor allowing you to glimpse at the other thrill-seekers that went before you.  You can check out the Thrillophilia reviews to find what people have to say about this place!

Kawarau Bridge (New Zealand)

Another notable mention comes from Queensland again, specifically the Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge. 

It is one of the top choices for bungee jumping enthusiasts, originating from 1986 when Kiwi AJ Hackett made the first leap. This ultimately added to his passion for the sport, and he made it into a commercial venture here for other interested individuals. 

As for the view, the surrounding Kawarau River makes for an interesting landscape. The long suspension bridge is attacked in between huge hill formations, with a 43-meter drop to the running river below. 

Additionally, this stunning location is a common area for runners, walkers, and bikers on the Queenstown Trail. 

Europabrücke Bridge (Austria)

When in Innsbruck, you should go to the Europabrücke Bridge for a bungee jumping experience. For the thrill-seekers, this 777-meter-long and 192-meter-high footbridge is one of the best destinations because of the view and the practice itself. 

While the sounds of cars driving and honking down this fully active bridge may not sound appealing, the Alps all around seals the deal. 

The landscape is incredible to watch before you start your freefall, and the inverted view of the Alps is an unmissable sight. You would fall down at a 100 km/hour speed until the bungee cord saves you at the end. 

Navajo Bridge (US)

Situated in Idaho, Arizona, this 141.5-meter bungee jumping spot is easy to go to and participate in. The Grand Canyon National Park is especially attractive to witness, even in inverted freefall. Organizers are extremely cautious with the safety rules, too.

The falling experience would last for 4 seconds approximately and give you a view of the underlying Colorado River. Both the view of the twin bridges and the surrounding canyon is heart-stopping, especially before the jump. 

Verzasca Dam (Switzerland)

This dam is present in Ticino, Switzerland, and is one of the most popular tourist spots you would read about in Thrillophilia reviews. The location is a top spot for bungee jumpers, with the view of the ginormous dam spread all around.  

The height of the bridge is amazing and terrifying at the same time, at 220 meters above the ground. You would notice the Verzasca river flowing underneath and the overall view is stunning. 

Niouc Bridge (Switzerland)

At a height of 190 meters, jumping from this suspended footbridge in the middle of the Swiss mountains is exciting. For adventure lovers, the jump itself is thrilling, as you see the tall mountains buzz by in your peripheral vision. 

You can easily reach the bridge while travelling via car and you can take the assistance of instructors and coaches for the experience. Notably, this bridge location is popular for other sports too, like zip-lining and cliff jumping.

Macau Tower (China)

The Macau Tower is at a whopping height of 233 meters which is incredibly impressive for many thrill-seekers. With the city landscape all around, you would experience the view of the whole area as you jump. The equipment and bungee jumping site built here is unique to the area, and the system is well maintained for safety. 

When in China, you can reach this destination with a public bus or a cab, and then meet the instructor. This commercial jumping site offers safety ropes and harnesses. You would wear them and then jump from the massive tower height.


All in all, there are multiple incredible spots present globally for every adrenaline junkie interested in bungee jumping. The organizers at the jumping sites take the necessary steps for safety and provide advisory support to the jumpers. You should follow the instructions and tips well before taking your first leap. 

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