6 Reasons Why the Nomos Glashutte Watches Is the Ultimate Trendy Watch

6 Reasons Why the Nomos Glashutte Watches Is the Ultimate Trendy Watch

The watch industry is often dominated by Swiss-based manufacturers. This is where most watch manufacturers started their century-long journey. It has somehow been established that only a Swiss watch is precise and reliable. However, there are also other countries in Europe such as Germany that housed some of the best watch manufacturers in the world. They create the same quality of watches as the Swiss, if not better.

NOMOS is one of the proud manufacturers who started their roots in Glashutte, Germany. A fairly new brand that was only established in the 1990s, NOMOS managed to rank the same as the old-timers in the industry. They are proudly representing the new generation of watchmakers while carrying the essence of traditional watchmaking. Here are some of the reasons why Nomos Glashutte is the ultimate trendy watch.

1. World-class design

With the number of competitors currently dominating the market, NOMOS makes sure that they have the edge to compete against these names. Because of that, they start creating designs and models that are built by world-class watchmakers using classic and modern watchmaking techniques. Each of their simple yet elegant designs is a combination of both traditional and modern watchmaking. They have a wide range of selections which makes each piece a unique accessory.

2. Fine watchmaking

A good design is not enough to make a trendy watch. This has been proven by some of the brave watch companies who thought that an eclectic design alone can stand out.  It is one of the reasons why NOMOS Glashutte makes sure that they will have to use the finest watchmaking processes to meet the world’s standards. With the help of a promising and talented team, NOMOS manufactured some of the best models and designs ever since they opened their doors. It is the detailed craftsmanship that sets them apart from other watch companies.

3. Variety of movements

Not all watch collectors are fond of mechanical movement. It is one of the reasons why some brands are struggling to survive. To make sure that they will cater to a wider range of target markets, NOMOS creates a variety of movements for their collections. They have a battery-powered Quartz watch for the on-the-go professionals, but they also have automatic and mechanical watches for those who love the intricate watch details.

4. Quality manufacturing

NOMOS uses high-end machinery to make sure that their watches will be crafted to perfection. But aside from the machine-made collection, they also value the traditional way of creating watches. They use handmade manufacturing in some of their notable collections to maintain the same level of quality that older companies have. Apart from their commitment to delivering Germany’s most creative timepieces, NOMOS makes sure that they are also durable. It’s important for a luxury watch to last for more than a lifetime. After all, a luxury timepiece is best to pass on from one generation to another.

5. Well-researched mechanism

Before starting any of their collections, NOMOS starts a research and development process. This is where they will launch a couple of studies to prove the effectiveness of their models. Through this, NOMOS was able to identify the factors that they need to improve, the parts that they need to replace, and the design that they need to adjust. They also conduct a series of testings for each finished product to make sure that it will deliver the quality they set.

6. Widely recognized in the industry

Most new names in the industry do not survive well in their first few years. That’s not the case for Nomos Glashutte. Despite their young experience, they managed to stand beside other popular names in the industry such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe. Their performance in the market is admired by most watch aficionados making their collection an instant choice for the modern generation.

Is Nomos Glashutte watches good quality?

With their goal to produce world-class designs and fine craftsmanship, NOMOS managed to be one of the most trusted luxury watches in the world. They are very keen on details which make all the movements they produce are commendable. Aside from that, the series of research and testing contribute to the overall aesthetic and high-performance of their watches. These alone are testaments that Nomos Glashutte is the perfect timepiece for your investment.

In a world where fashion becomes a tight competition, it pays to check out the new kid on the block. It is NOMOS’s advantage to be inspired by the best names in the industry and pair with their modern take on creativity and craftsmanship — making their timepieces a whole package.

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