5 Ways to Use Digital Marketing Memes to Gain Attraction

5 Ways to Use Digital Marketing Memes to Gain Attraction

Memes are predominantly developed for the younger generation. There’s no doubt that social media marketing platforms are a portal for them to share their beliefs, ideas, and thoughts. This is the main reason why you should know about every online discussion. This will help you to plan your social media memes. For instance, if your brand is specifically made for older audiences, then spreading messages through memes will not work. Thus, your efforts at humor will go in vain.

If we consider digital marketing memes, then they have two vital reasons for their popular expression. They can be shared throughout any social media platform, which helps them to go viral. On the other hand, they are easy to consume for their attractiveness. 

However, don’t forget your brand voice. No matter how serious or how funny your brand’s voice is, you should research and develop a digital marketing meme that can establish authority and credibility. 

Here are 5 ways to use digital marketing memes that can help you to gain attraction.

Decide If the Meme is Relevant to Your Brand or Not

Every marketer needs to know about their brand before using meme marketing. The meme marketing campaign is not suitable for every brand and if used incorrectly, it can bring massive negative results. This marketing technique provides the best results if used in a modern brand that delivers a funny image. So, it’s important to understand what memes suit your brand.

You can use funny and witty marketing memes if your company sells toys, shoes, or gift items. However, companies that portray professional and serious images cannot use memes for their advertisement purposes. 

Be Creative While Promoting the Brand Message

Meme marketing may sound fun, but don’t assume that it’s very easy to apply. If you don’t develop a proper tone, then all the ironic and sarcastic texts can backfire easily. No matter how good your intentions are, your audience will not get the actual message if they feel confused. Hence, try to research texts and images that can provide an appropriate tone. This will help you to promote the brand’s voice.

Understand That Original Content Cannot Be Replaced by Memes

Do you know that memes work as an extraordinary extension for many contents? The main purpose of the meme is to enhance the brand’s message to a wider audience but in a funny way. However, don’t forget that memes are used to add fun elements to content. You should not rely on memes all the time. When you are planning to add memes to your marketing strategy or marketing campaign, make sure you’re balancing them with a proper amount of serious content. 

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Differentiate Between Engagement and Promotion

Nowadays, audiences are demanding as well as very smart. Before believing an advertisement, they think thrice. This is the main reason why marketers face problems to gain the curiosity and attraction of the target audience. As per a study, 55% of people neglect advertisements. So, when it comes to meme marketing, you must manage the thin line between engagement and promotion. You can post a promotional meme, but avoid posting them regularly. When you upload a meme with extra promotional content, your audience will avoid engaging with that.

Create Relevant and Fresh Memes

If you want to be successful in meme marketing, then you must create relevant and fresh content. According to Forbes, try to research fresh topics and create memes around them. This will be highly appreciated by your audiences. As a marketer, if your use the latest topics to create memes, then it will spread throughout social media platforms like wildfire.


These are the 5 ways to use digital marketing memes to gain attraction along with curiosity. One of the most popular inventions of the digital era is meme marketing. With appropriate memes, you can grab the curiosity and attention of your target audience. However, this is the most unappreciated marketing tool. But, this will enter the real market world very soon. As digital marketing is becoming more personal and interactive than before, memes can do wonders.   

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