5 Tips for Shopping Safely in Pandemic!

5 Tips for Shopping Safely in Pandemic!

Shopping has been changed a lot in the Pandemic, with stay-at-home orders affecting many savvy shoppers’ lives. However, the retailers are not only hopping for the cash in; many fraudsters are also adopting new tactics to trick the shopper’s hard-earned money. 

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Not only this, they are finding new ways to infringe their personal and financial information. With that, here are few tips that will ensure you a smooth and safe shopping experience: 

Browse Safely: 

Don’t use any internet connection to fill in your card details when buying; always use a safe Internet connection. Also, reputed and secure websites use SSL techniques like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt data.

Make sure to check the lock button icon on the browser or ‘https’ to ensure you are browsing safe. Typically placed to the left of the browser URL, HTTPS is standard for both shopping and non-shopping websites. This means a website without ‘S’ can get Google Flag and is not considered secure. 

Pay on Secure Sites: 

Shop from the sites that use encrypted payment methods like PayPal or Credit card, which get electronically linked to your bank account. If you are shopping from an unsecured site, make sure to look for some security seal for approval like Better Business Bureau or VeriSign. Never send cash or cheque without getting your product. 

Check Deals in Advance: 

When you have limited time, don’t let standing around and missing the deals. Instead, take the benefits of Oliver’s Markets flyer or weekly ads to speed up the shopping process. You can check the website for great deals and offers you need for later. Flyers are the perfect way to make your shopping list before hopping to the deals. 

Dig in The Seller:

When shopping from the auction sites, look for the seller’s reputation. You can check ratings and read comments before buying. This way, you can check previous client’s experiences. Also, don’t forget that if the product isn’t looking true to the price, don’t buy. 

Also, sometimes reviews and comments can be fake and game, so if you only see positive feedback, think before trusting. If you are not sure of buying and still want to make a purchase, make sure you have a valid address and a working contact number of the seller. In fact, it will be a good idea to clarify the policies over a call. 

Shop Beforehand, If Shopping for Eatables: 

If you want to shop for fresh food items, make sure you buy beforehand. Make a list of the items and purchase sometimes ahead. You can buy items like cornbread stuffing, pumpkin puree, canned soups, or anything that stays fresh for a longer time. 

Avoid Public Shopping: 

Don’t try public shopping; it’s always a good idea to carry your own laptop when you are out. This way, you are making your credit card information available to fraudsters. Also, it’s not safe when you are entering the expiration date and the credit card number. 

If having your laptop is not feasible, try sitting at a place when there’s no one behind you. Use websites that already have your credit card information so that you don’t have to pull your credit card information. 


So, those were few tips you need to keep in mind when shopping online. Make sure you follow them to have a safe shopping experience. 

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