5 things that can be artificially created due to advanced technology

5 things that can be artificially created due to advanced technology

With the rapid developments in advanced technology, it is anticipated that technology will slowly delve into each and every sphere of our lives. With prominent companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. spending huge amounts on AI products as well as services, the importance of advanced technology in recent times has been realised. Science has procured several benefits for the society in general and creation of artificial things has brought in added advantages, whether it be financial or environmental. This article discusses 5 things that can be artificially created due to advanced technology:

  1. Lab-grown diamonds:

Diamonds are the most sought after and well-known gemstones. Because of the complicated procedure with which a diamond is procured naturally through mining, they tend to be highly expensive. Lab grown diamonds UK have emerged to be one of the best alternatives as compared to natural ones since it can be developed easily with the help of man-made procedures. As a result, they tend to be affordable too without compromising on the quality and look of the stone. Due to its environment-friendly and cost effective technique, lab grown diamonds will be more prominent in the long run. 

  1. Artificial silk:

Frequently known as rayon, artificial silk is typically a synthetic fiber whose cost of production is quite low as compared to real silk. Even though it may have similar properties as that of silk, artificial silk is a result of chemical treatment of wood pulp by experts. Being a man-made fibre, artificial silk can be highly affordable and cheap as compared to real silk while having the same level of lustre and shine.

  1. Artificial nails:

Another quite popular artificial creation is fake or acrylic nails. On high demand in the fashion accessories market, nails are designed in such as manner so as to resemble a real fingernail as closely as possible while giving them a very artistic look which would otherwise require a lot of time, effort and money. Such kind of artificial nails come in a variety of shapes, size and design and are extremely easy to maintain.

  1. Acrylic (PMMA) Plastic:

Poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA), also known as artificial or acrylic glass, is a great replacement for real glass with added advantages of being lighter and less brittle as compared to glass. It is a transparent and rigid material which is thermoplastic in nature and it has high resistance to UV light. Thus, acrylic glass helps in transmission of light much more easily and it also has a wide variety of colouring options.

  1. Artificial stone:

Artificial or fake stones are being used by architects today to considerably reduce the costs of construction. Made from a light-weight concrete mixture, these stones give the impression of actual stones when seen through an untrained eye. Therefore, they are comparatively lower in weight and are cost effective.So, with the advancement of technology, you always have the option of going for the affordable yet durable product. Choose lab grown diamond engagement rings or artificial silk and save your bank balance.

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