5 simple but effective marketing tools to grow your business

5 simple but effective marketing tools to grow your business

We have a very small amount of time remaining in this crazy year! And currently, circumstances are certainly not normal. Possibly we are experiencing the ‘new normal’. Or potentially it is just a phase which we are stuck in until otherwise. And the transition date to return as we worked previously is a complete unknown. But this is the situation not just nationwide, but worldwide. So we are all in the same boat and the uncertainty for industries, business, and employees is reflected across every household, office and industrial estate on the planet.

But there are two natural reactions to a scenario as unpredictable as a pandemic. Panic and suffer. Or attack and thrive. We can’t change the situation but we can control the reaction to it. As a business it is important to be rational, yet brave and beyond this creative through thought and process.

Firstly it is survival, but then it is a growth opportunity for all to arbitrage with the impact striking everybody but therefore angles to re-invent, adapt and take advantage of certain aspects.

For marketers, the landscape which was experiencing drastic digital shifts anyway, is now accelerated in terms of demand and necessity. Every team member can play a part in gaining new skills which are simple yet effective to generate the synergy which will keep your business afloat, and allow it to grow in 2021.

Canva –

Appearance is not everything. But it is the first opportunity to make an impression and you do not want to miss out on leads or new business opportunities which would be able to develop simply because the fundamentals of presentation are not in place.

Canva gives you the tools to create consistent graphics across all platforms and ensure that you maintain a professional yet detailed presence to your audience. This touches all bases from email footer templates to simple website forms.

Taking some time to explore Canva as an individual or as a department, will develop an avenue to enhance your brand and visibility in a digital capacity. LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook templates are available for experimenting with design.

Combin –

If you are growing your business through Instagram, Combin is a tool which is worth setting up for building an engaged audience with relevant prospecting and lead generation potential. Instagram have become extremely strict in their punishments to accounts who have previously scaled through follow un-follow strategies or unlimited liking to create look-back and follow processes.

And it is an ever-changing scenario. With the algorithm being geared towards shopping feeds and paid advertising taking the predominant focus away from organic growth.

But Combin branches the best of both to allow sustainable safe growth of an audience on Instagram with targeted activities based on the variables you provide. There is a trial of the software to see if it is something your business can benefit from.


This software is a unique, affordable and user-friendly alternative to Lead Forensics. A tool which helps marketers and sales development representatives monitor website activities and generate direct leads from identifying the companies who come on to the website.

Being able to match a corporation’s footprint on your website is a remarkable insight when used appropriately. It is well known (or possibly not) that website conversion average is around 2-4% depending on your industry and of course the relevance of the website users you attract, the quality of your copy and content. But even if you are the king of this process, 5% would be absolutely superb for business.

So what happens to the other 95%? Well it is like anything where there is no pressure to commit and casual browsing experience can lead to a lot of pondering. But by following up with these qualified leads based on what they have looked at on your site, you have a chance to develop the lead in the direction needed more specifically.


A psychological form of social proofing which adds authority and helps to increase conversions by triggering the small mental details we may not realise when browsing.

It is a comfort reminder and encompases the feeling of belonging to something. This brings trust to the experience and can be adjusted creatively for your specific industry.

We see xyz has purchased in the past xyz. These custom parameters will give you flexibility to make the real-time notifications appear organically and also realistically. You can integrate tools to supply the data for this.


A tool which is well worth taking the time to integrate to your marketing stack ahead of next year is Twilert.

It gives you an opportunity to identify discussions and topical themes which are active on Twitter.

By selecting your keywords, and these can consist of many variables from industry search terms, features, services or competitors, you will then be notified and receive a feed of these to engage with or digest. There many ways this data can be actioned and it will depend on your business structure but without doubt it is powerful information for brand analysis and direct lead generation. 

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