5 Risk-Free Ways to Outsource Mobile Application Development

5 Risk-Free Ways to Outsource Mobile Application Development

With businesses wobbling back to normal, and employees returning to offices, the need for useful mobile applications is greater than ever. In line with the audience’s interests and convenience, as a business owner, your business app needs to be user-friendly, provide value-added services, and on-demand offers – something that would require both planning and expertise. This is when outsourcing mobile app development can be a good decision since it reduces the overall cost as well as ensures a higher quality of your product. Without the right approach, numerous businesses have found outsourcing difficult to deal with, in terms of transparency and dedication of the third-party agencies or freelancers. In this blog, we shall discuss the five must-follow ways that can ensure a risk-free outsourcing process.

Statista reports growth of $582Billion in mobile app revenues from 2014 to 2023, while studies show only a 4% decline in the first fundings of startups in the Silicon Valley, US from the first quarter of 2019 to 2020. It only translates as the pandemic has transformed the scope of apps worldwide, as long as it allows users to avail services from their homes, entertains them, or even supports remote working. 

The first step after deciding on outsourcing mobile app development has to be partnering up with a trusted and reliable mobile app development enterprise. It may take time and lots of research, but having a dependable agency on your back can save you a lot of time, effort, and money. Now since many business owners struggle to decide the right outsourcing enterprise, here’s what you can do to be sure if they’re a good choice:

  • Step-I Test assignment

Just like everything else which comes with a trial, your outsourcing agency must be provided with a test project based on similar areas of your business app development. In this short period, you can choose based on their performance and help you decide if their services and delivery meet your experience. 

  • Step-II Conduct a complete research

A prerequisite to almost any outsourcing development project, without learning about the market requirements of your app, the trends, as well as the costs and competition involved – you cannot make the call to begin the development process. There is a lot of research that also comes with choosing the outsourcing agency as discussed above, from looking into their past works, experience, as well as comparing the development cost options. 

  • Step III: Source Code Repository

Few businesses realize the importance of having the source code stored into the source code management tools, which are owned by them exclusively. This way, you can take control of your code as soon as the process is underway, and take custody in case of any dispute or delays with the outsourcing agency. 

Having access to the source code from the beginning can help you keep a check on the quality of the code, and pay accordingly. 

  • Step IV: Transparency on the cost breakdown

There can be many hidden charges involved when it comes to outsourcing development projects. This could lead business owners to spend more than required, and cause delays. It is only wise to have the cost breakdown discussed and detailed right from the beginning, to avoid any confusion or cost surges in the project. 

  • Step V: Legally manage private data

Your app may contain sensitive user credentials and information that needs to be protected. As a business owner, you should take all reasonable legal steps and measures to keep the integrity of all important data with the outsourcing enterprise, by enclosing a non-disclosure agreement and more. 

Now that you have the outline of all that goes into having your mobile application development outsourced, you can avoid falling into any major pitfalls throughout the process. In case you’d like to get started with your app project, and looking to find the right outsourcing companies, here are some of our recommendations:

1. Leap Agency, Indianapolis

They’re a full-service digital enterprise that provides a myriad of services from brand identity to customer experience, mobile+progressive web app development. Having worked with major global brands from different domains, they come with tonnes of experience and market insights. 

2. CodeClouds, Wellington

An awarded enterprise with proven expertise in developing custom mobile applications for brands across the world, CodeClouds is known for its quality delivery and dedicated service. Their developers are located in New Zealand, Australia, India; and come with a unique set of experiences to yield the best solutions.

3. Purple Olive Labs, Dallas

They are a custom software, mobile app design and development agency in Texas. Their area of expertise includes developing hybrid mobile apps, as well as Android, iOS apps with intuitive UI/UX customer experience.   

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