5 Men’s T-shirt Style Trends for 2021 You Need to Know

5 Men’s T-shirt Style Trends for 2021 You Need to Know

Last year, which is 2020, has been a year of difficulties for mankind. However, in India, the situation continues to be in a state of unrest due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The entire meaning of lifestyle has taken a new shape and that is the reason it is termed as the ‘new normal. 

With the emerging new normal, many jobs, school and college work has shifted to the online mode. Working from the comfort of home could sometimes get boring and monotonous. Imagine not meeting your friends or colleagues for such a long time. All the factors combined can have an impact on the psyche of human beings. Humans could never imagine a life without being able to go out for such a long period. However, the only way to curb the growth of this virus is to carry out all the work from your homes. 

This calls for daily outfits, especially comfy blank t-shirts. Your zoom meetings or any official calls are incomplete without video conferencing, as it makes the communication better. So, to be presentable and prepared for any such events is of utmost necessity. A T-shirt for men is an outfit that should be kept handy in such a case. 

When we talk about T-shirts, printed T-shirts are the talk of the town. It is comfortable to wear, makes you look cool and is also affordable. More than that, the process of printing the tees is extremely artistic in itself. This is done by the technical designers. After this process, the materials are passed onto the fashion designers who look after the rest of the work. 

On the other hand, graphic T-shirts are easier to formulate. It is easy to make these kinds of T-shirts and therefore, can be found in large scales on the market. 


Now let’s look at a few trends that would rock the year 2021 when it comes to men’s clothing and for women clothing follow the trend of republic womenswear. The list as follows: 

  1. Camp-Collar shirts: These are the collars that you might have in your night suits. Nowadays, even the usual shirts and T-shirts have started keeping camp-collars due to the look it imparts. It is cool as well as classy. 
  2. Florals: This trend is a breakthrough when it comes to men’s clothing. For a very long period, people dressed up with a preconceived notion of how only women can wear floral prints. However, the times have now changed and men are experimenting with florals. This design imparts a fresh look to your attire.  
  3. Relaxed Tailoring: This means loose or oversized clothes. Earlier, people were more inclined towards wearing skinny outfits to make the body shape look prominent. However, this concept has changed now.  
  4. Vertical Stripes: A Stylish T-shirt for men carries the responsibility of imparting a look to the person who is wearing it, which is gorgeous. Earlier stripes in any men’s T-shirt were mostly horizontal but with these new trends popping up, vertical stripes are hugely in fashion. 
  5. Oversized Clothing: Relaxation is important for everyone. Therefore, oversized clothes are becoming more prominent as it helps in maintaining the coolness in the body. You can wear an oversized tee and get going for an all-boys trip. You don’t have to think a lot when it comes to this trend. 

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