5 Essential Garden Tools Every First-Time Gardener Should Have

5 Essential Garden Tools Every First-Time Gardener Should Have

Australia has some of the most beautiful garden plants in the world. Flower-bearing plants like Blueberry Ash, Coastal Rosemary, and Grevillea are endemic to the country, making gardens more colourful and vibrant. But due to today’s Covid-19 scare, more people began to work on their gardens. The lockdowns made them purchase garden tools online in Australia to start their gardening hobby. 

According to the 2020 Pandemic Gardening Survey conducted in Australia, 62% of the respondents revealed that gardening meant a lot to them during the lockdowns mandated by the government to curb the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, for first-time gardeners, finding the right tools is necessary to help them with their pandemic hobby. So, here is a rundown of the essential garden tools every first-time gardener must have to grow the healthiest plants at home. 

#1: Gardening Gloves 

Gloves may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about garden tools. But it can be one of the must-haves if you want to prevent any injuries while doing your gardening tasks. Wearing gardening gloves is necessary if you want to avoid getting your hands too dirty. It can also protect your hands and wrist from scratches and calluses. 

For this, you only need to find the right set of gardening gloves for your activity. And if you plan to plant plenty of thorny crops, you must look for long rose garden gloves to keep your hands free from scratches. For carrying heavy pots all over the garden, you need to buy leather palmed work gloves. But for lighter tasks, generic gloves can do the job. 

#2: Hori Hori Garden Knife 

Another useful garden tool that first-time gardeners must invest in is the Hori Hori. The Japanese tool is created to function as a knife, ruler, and shovel. 

Many gardening experts believe that Hori Hori is the only tool plant enthusiasts should have in their arsenal. You can use this garden essential to dig small holes for planting. Its blade is also useful for transplanting crops because it can slide conveniently into the pot to take out the seedling. It is also helpful for loosening the soil and for weeding.  

#3: Pruning Shears

Another multipurpose tool that beginner gardeners must have is the pruning shears. It can assist you in pruning or harvesting herbs and other delicate plants. It will also allow you to trim light branches with ease. 

And when buying garden tools online in Australia, the pruning shear that you must invest in should be steel. Meanwhile, it can trim small tree branches that are about 5/8-inch thick. 

#4: Garden Hose 

Every garden must be properly hydrated, no matter what kind of plants you want to grow. So invest in a garden hose that you can use to water your flower beds, lawn, vegetable garden, or container garden. 

It is necessary to find a durable and long hose to reach even the farthest areas of your backyard. And if you have a small lot, a watering can is enough to hydrate your plants.

#5: Round Head Shovel

You may find different shovels in the market, but the round head shovel can be the best choice for first-time gardeners. This tool can work well in all your digging tasks. 

The shovel is useful in breaking dirt, digging large holes, and transplanting soil. In addition, you can use it for tasks that require a garden hoe or spade. 

Investing in essential garden tools is necessary to keep your gardening tasks simple and less complicated. And by buying these tools, you will further enjoy your pandemic gardening project and inspire you to keep this hobby even after the lockdowns. 

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