5 Best Online Singing Lessons in 2020

5 Best Online Singing Lessons in 2020

“Those who wish to sing always find a song.” – Swedish Proverb

From a mother’s lullaby to a club party, from movies to churches, our lives are filled with beautiful melodies. A heart-warming song touches our emotions and its lyrics get imprinted in our mind. Probably this is why so many of us aspire tolearn to sing. Let’s admit it – we are all great bathroom singers, but when we are asked to sing in front of an audience, the majority of us would chicken out. While we are impressed with our own singing, it is a very intricate art that demands much more than just a desirable singing voice.

You would notice that most renowned singers have practiced singing through years of music lessons. Online music classes have emerged as an innovative and effective way to train and develop as a singer, especially during the pandemic. The fact that you get to professionally brush your skills within the comfort of your home makes it a must-try course for all the budding singers. If the idea of an online singing class intrigues you, here are the top 5 online singing lessons that proved to be a hit in the year 2020:

1.   Singorama

If you’re looking for music lessonsthat could easily fit in your budget, Singorama is the perfect value for money singing course. Crafted by Melanie Alexander, member of Girlfriend (a former girl group), the music modules in this course are each 10 to 20 minutes long only. Ideal for beginners, Singorama guarantees improvement in your music skills with just 10 minutes of daily practice.

2.   Roger Love Singing Academy

Crafted by a reliable voice coach Roger Love, who has trained several famous singers in vocal technique, this online music course could be an ideal pick to accomplish your dream of becoming a professional singer. This course has 3 individual sections – basic, intermediate and advanced. You would be admitted to the section that suits you the best, and slowly, your middle, head and chest voice would be developed to have you jam like your favourite singer.

3.   The Vocalist Studio

Are you aiming to learn to sing for an upcoming audition? Designed to make you nail an audition with a series of online singing lessons, The Vocalist Studio was created by Robert Lunte, a renowned voice coach. This course has proven capacity in building confidence in the heart of students for their own voice – a much-needed skill to nail any audition. It ensures to make you feel comfortable enough to sing in front of a huge audience.

4.   30 Day Singer

For students who are just starting to learn to sing, 30 Day Singer might be the perfect online course to focus on your basics. It is created by Reagan James, a popular American indie pop singer and a promising contestant on The Voice, Season 7. If you are looking forward to gain confidence in your signature singing voice within a small period of time (as short as 30 days), this course could be a life-altering experience of learning for you.

5.   Hear and Play Vocal Mastery

Another impeccable singing course for budding singers on a budget, Hear and Play Vocal Mastery is designed to empower you to apply techniques on your own.

As Ella Fitzgerald said, “the only thing better than singing is more singing”. So, pull up your socks, select the online singing course that best suits you, and enrol today!

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