4 Best Shopify Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

4 Best Shopify Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

When it comes to your ecommerce business, millions of you—well over 2.1 million of you—call Shopify home. Not only does the platform make it simple to run your business, but it also grants you access to the Shopify App Store, which contains thousands of apps that can help you with almost any aspect of your business. It’s important to identify the best marketing tools for Shopify in order to put you at an advantage and teach you how to use the features of an excellent platform.

There are numerous best marketing tools for Shopify available to help you grow your business—and who doesn’t want that? There is a wide range of tools available to assist with content marketing, including social media, retargeting, influencer marketing, and others. The difficult part is narrowing the list!

In this article, I have done the hard work to give you my top 4 picks for the best seo tools for Shopify to grow your business. Let get started now:


With the help of AI in ecommerce, the shopping experience has changed. Many companies have seen a rise in their performance standards due to deep analysis. Artificial intelligence (AI) allows companies to understand how customers interact with products. One of the best marketing tactics for engaging your audience is to optimize your digital marketing. A tool like CLEVR AI will guide you on what steps you should take to optimize your digital marketing business. It’s a best SEO tool for Shopify in the sense that it connects data across your website, social media platforms, marketing activities, and provide insights to increase performance. CLEVR AI is best for keywords analysis, raking, SEO health, digital ads monitoring, website product conversion/attribution analysis, and social media mentioning and like monitoring.

#2.  Related  Blog Posts

Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies today and hence the best marketing tool for Shopify. Use a tool like Related Blog Posts to help amplify your content marketing efforts. This is one of the simplest tools to set up and use, but it can have a significant impact. This tool will suggest related posts to help increase the readability of your blog, which will hopefully engage your readers and have them reading more of your content at one time.

#3.  Free Shipping Bar

Promoting free shipping is an excellent marketing strategy for increasing sales. The Shopify tool Free Shipping Bar is a simple way to increase a user’s average order value by informing them of their progress toward earning free shipping. It’s a simple but effective way to boost sales! You can use this tool to install a custom bar that updates as a user adds items to their cart. You also have complete control over which pages this bar appears on, ensuring that you don’t irritate your customers.

#4. Spin-a-Sale

It’s no surprise that people enjoy winning prizes. Almost everyone does, and so do ecommerce companies. You can capitalize on this by including a spinning wheel offer on your Shopify website. All a user has to do is enter their name and email address to be eligible to win! Spin-a-Sale is a Shopify tool that makes it simple to add gamification to your ecommerce site.


If you run your ecommerce business on Shopify, you have access to plenty of user-friendly marketing tools. These tools cover a wide range of marketing tactics, such as retargeting, social media, pop-up offers, content marketing, and giveaways. With one of these fantastic Shopify tools, you can direct your attention to wherever you want it to be.

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