4 Benefits of Opting for Network as a Service (NaaS)

4 Benefits of Opting for Network as a Service (NaaS)

In today’s highly competitive market space, putting together every business structure and process for your organisation won’t suffice. You need to keep pace with modern technology, which is ever-evolving and keep abreast with industry trends and your competitor’s graph. And opting for a Network as a Service (NaaS) helps you to do that efficiently. Several global technology and communication solutions partners like Epsilon Global Communications offer market-ready software and tools to aid you in the process.

Listed below are four reasons to opt for NaaS for your organisation:

  1. Cost-Saver

Running an organisation is a mammoth task, as it requires not only a great deal of effort but also huge investments. While some are easier to predict right at the onset, other hidden costs emerge only once the various structures and processes are streamlined. And here is when NaaS comes into the picture, as it ensures a predictable and overall minimal cost in setting up network channels, hardware and software, IT operation and maintenance of network infrastructure. By merely outsourcing all these time-consuming and heavy investment processes to a reliable NaaS provider, you can be sure of receiving complete end-to-end network solutions at a reasonable price. And once they come into the picture, you can effectively predict and allocate your IT budget as NaaS providers work on monthly subscription fees post-installation.

  1. Guaranteed Security

In the age of data breaches and leaked information, opting for a mechanism to ensure better data control and confidentiality in your organisation is paramount. So, with a NaaS setup, you can be sure of no untoward or unauthorised data access because NaaS providers configure the entire system of networks to suit your organisation’s needs. They also adequately safeguard it for third parties or crawlers outside your system’s domain. Besides, they also back up your existing data with good encryptions to ensure internal data sharing without glitches.

  1. Boosts Productivity

Who does not enjoy working in a glitch-free environment? Tech glitches or hiccups can be an absolute nightmare on a demanding day, and a NaaS provider can swiftly protect you and your employees from such time-consuming ordeals. One way they effectively do this is by sending out detailed monthly reports. This way, you know precisely what is happening to your IT network and highlighting potential bugs or issues that may need your immediate attention. You can also stay prepared for future glitches and invest time and effort in getting those sorted right away.

  1. Optimised Network

And finally, it is a known fact that optimised networks work seamlessly, and they are easier to upgrade and boost overall productivity. NaaS providers like Epsilon Global Communications even ensure that they equip your systems with these essentials right from the beginning. This also ensures reduced hidden costs and an overall hassle-free experience for all. Additionally, your NaaS partners will be adept at identifying specific pain points in your network, and this can help you combat your way around your everyday functioning.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, NaaS also throws open a whole channel of skilled experts and professionals you can consult, and you can always be one step ahead in the digital competition. Rendering a win-win situation for all, if you’ve not considered the prospects of embracing this technology as part of your organisation, it is time you gave it a serious thought.

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