3 differences between cremation caskets vs. regular caskets – find out more here

3 differences between cremation caskets vs. regular caskets – find out more here

If you are trying to find the ideal casket for your loved one’s funeral, you want to make sure you put time and thought into respecting their wishes and their memory. Instead of just choosing an urn and getting the cremation over with, you and to think of what they would really want – do they want a cremation casket? Do they want to use a coffin for their funeral? Or would they rather be cremated and placed into an urn that is kept in a family member’s house?

By asking the loved one about their wishes after they pass, you can learn more about what type of burial rituals they would like, the aesthetic of the funeral planning, and other details. Let’s see the main differences between cremation caskets and regular caskets and which one would be best for your loved one’s funeral and their specific wishes! You can click here to get more information about cremation caskets.

3 differences between regular caskets vs. cremation caskets – which one should you choose?

Cremation caskets are becoming more and more popular in the funeral planning world. Instead of choosing the typical casket or coffin, the cremation casket offers you an alternative that may suit your funeral needs. If you want a wooden casket, you can also purchase cremation caskets – cremation caskets come in various materials that suit your needs and your styles, such as wood, cloth, and wicker. You can choose cremation caskets in various sizes, stitch as the standard size, oversize, and oversize of 33” and larger. Furthermore, you can choose between various colors that suit the funeral planning decorations. 

The cremation process – what you need to know 

But first – what is cremation? If you are concerned about the cremation process and you are not sure how this process will tie in with your loved one’s wishes and funeral planning process, then rest assured this is a very common and widely-used practice when someone dies. The cremation process is simply referred to as the process of helping a loved one move on by burning the person’s body and forming ashes – this way, the family can keep their loved one’s ashes in a decorative or special urn to be kept in their house or safe location after they pass. 

Cremation is a very common post-funeral process that is used as another option to burying someone in a casket or coffin. If you do not like the idea of burying your loved one, then the cremation process is the best alternative. By keeping the ashes in a decorative urn, you can still keep the idea of them with you even after they have moved on to the afterlife. 

Contains only a little bit of metal parts

Compared to coffins and caskets – which may be made completely out of metal or have metal accents – the cremation caskets are made of only a little bit of metal parts for the cremation process. The purpose of using the cremation caskets is so they enter things that can be cremated after the funeral – this means that any metal would not be able to burn during the cremation process.

Cremation caskets use a permanent urn

The next difference between cremation caskets and other options is that this process uses a permanent urn. This permanent urn is usually made out of metal, stone, or wood, and can be kept by the loved one’s family after the cremation process takes place with the cremation casket. 

Cremation caskets are burned

The main difference between regular coffins, caskets, and cremation caskets is that the cremation casket is buried with the body. This is because it is another type of way that the person can be burned instead of just the body being put into the urn – this is a more respectable and honorable way to put your loved one into the cremation process. By using cremation caskets, you can see the loved ones before they officially leave their physical body


If you are debating between cremation caskets, regular coffins, caskets, and cremation with an urn for your funeral planning process, why not use cremation caskets? This combines all aspects into one, so you can enjoy looking at your loved one at the funeral, and then also receive a permanent urn after the cremation process is complete. 

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