Sometimes, after a lengthy winter, your window could be covered with fog, dust, or filth, hence obstructing your view with a blurry vision.

However, professional window cleaners have released helpful tips on how to overturn the situation.

Here are some of the best interior and exterior window cleaning tips you can apply to earn the best transparency out of your window.

  • Start on a Cloudy Day

Some people prefer cleaning during a sunny day to the rainy season. However, cleaning on a sunny day will dry up the window quickly, leaving difficult-to-remove streaks as leftovers.

A cloudy day is more ideal. It provides the perfect condition, as the windows dry up at a moderate pace, leaving no opportunity for streaks.

  • Remove Curtains and Blinds

Always remove your curtains and blinds before cleaning. It gives easy access to all the window edges. They could as well be possibly washed, alongside the window. A fabric freshener could be applied to improve the scent and overall cleanliness of the interior.

  • Clear Dust and Dirt

Before the cleaning process, sweep away the dirt, bird poop stains, and cobwebs accumulated on the frame over time. You can use a brush, broom, or a vacuum to blow the dust off. For the stains, you could use a brush or rag and hot water depending on the degree of the stain.

  • Choose the Best Cleaner

Opt for large quantities of sprays and cleaning solutions as well. A spray prevents the buildup of drips and mess. This is an arranged way of handling your cleaning chemicals too.

Don’t skimp on your cleaning products. However, the best gamble is to use large quantities of cleaning products.

  • Use a Dish Soap

The dish soap will turn out to be the best household window cleaning solution. It leaves your glass sparkling clean and patch-free. It particularly works better with squeegees when cleaning. It could also be used at every window cleaning stage.

  • Use Steel Wool for tougher Stains

Spray your lubricating cleaning product on the stained surface, then bluff away from the tough stains and adhesive with steel wool. Then apply your dish soap after removing the residue. And there, you have your stainless window!

  • Use a microfiber cloth

Consider a microfiber cloth ahead of paper towels. The material is similar to an eyeglass cleaner. It is more washable and absorbent — absorbs water spots from the windows without leaving spots or smudges. It also doesn’t scratch your surface, unlike paper towels.

  • Clean from top to bottom, inside-out.

In this case, the best cleaning method is usually to start from the top and then finish up at the bottom.  This prevents streak buildup, as a result of drips made by cleaning solutions on the cleaned areas.

Also, wipe your window with both vertical strokes and horizontal strokes to determine the place liable for more streaks.

  • Use a new squeegee

Get squeegees in large quantities during shopping. They are one of the best cleaning products. Using a squeegee, you would have to apply it against the glass after wiping out the glass corners. Wipe your squeegee clean after every swiping every edge, and there, you get your streak-free window!

  • Safeguard the Woodwork

Protect the framed woodwork during cleaning. Avoid drips, as they could damage the woodwork over time. You could place a thick cloth over the frame, to absorb drips or other liquid substances during cleaning.

Also, avoid spraying too much cleaner at once.

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