10 Wellness Gifts to Help Your Friends De-Stress During Quarantine

10 Wellness Gifts to Help Your Friends De-Stress During Quarantine

College life is already overwhelming. Add in a global pandemic, and we have dazed students thrust into a new digital norm. Still testing the waters of online classes, some find it pretty easy and less stressful than physically going to school. While others aren’t doing so well.

If this is your friend, your roommate, or you, know that there are healthy tools to help you cope with everything that’s happening in the world right now.

So, before returning to campus this fall, gift your mind, body, and soul the breather and nourishment it deserves to better fuel you for what’s ahead.

1.Spa Gift Basket

You can recreate the spa ambiance in your space by putting on calming music, lighting a candle or incense, and opting for a spa set that has everything you’ll need to sit back and relax.

You’ll be surprised how you can easily turn your room into a spa. And the best way is to have a friend do it with you with sprinkles of intimate catch ups and life advice.

2.Bamboo Bathtub Tray

This is for those who love reading during a soothing bath. They can even place a scented candle on the side to amplify the mood and a glass of wine for that ultimate relaxation.Some also put tea, snacks, and their iPad to catch up on their favorite shows. It’s ‘Netflix and Chill’ – bath edition.

3.Head and Neck Massager

Gone are the days where we resort to stainless steel massagers we’d have to push up and down onto our heads and pain-relief patches that leave our granma’s scent. Thanks to tech, we now have a head and neck massager in one.

You can gift this to anyone as everyone definitely loves to be massaged anytime and anywhere. You can simply put this on while studying or resting your eyes from the screen.

4.Sleepiest Subscription

The thing is we typically know what’s good and harmful for us. But it’s easier to live by with some guidance. That’s why guided meditations work for most because all you have to do is to sit and listen.

Gift your friend you know lacks the most sleep and downtime. This app will help them wind down, connect to their breath, and sleep more efficiently.

5.Yoga Mat

Yoga used to be so otherworldly in the past that the thought is only associated with hippies. But it has become a wellness staple nowadays because it doesn’t have to be complicated.

With short and simple stretches connecting our body to our breathing, the mind is able to relax and ground. And when the mind is calm, there is more clarity and space to receive new information throughout the day.

6.Indoor Plants

Give the gift of caring with indoor plants they can pour their love into. Our green friends receive what we give out. If you are in a good mood while watering them, they will flourish. And not so much, when you have a lot in your mind.

The great thing is, the energy and pure air they emit is always good for us. So, gifting a plant to a friend is a win for them and the plant they’ll have the privilege to care for.

7.Comfy Pillow

Pillows not only support your head as you sleep throughout the night, but it also gives comfort by simulating a warm embrace. Nothing beats a loving hug from family and friends, but a comfy pillow will do to easily de-stress and feel safe in your own space.

Gift your roommate or yourself a warm pillow so they can have a better sleep especially during the quarantine.

8. Loose Leaf Tea Standard Sampler

Green tea is the best substitute for caffeine as it won’t give you the crash that coffee does. It tastes clean and will keep you up during exam week. It also detoxifies the body and promotes mental focus at the same time.

The herbal variants are known to heal different kinds of sickness – from headache to flu. But best of all, herbs like chamomile and lavender calms the nerves and soothes the mind.

9.Mini Skincare Fridge

Masks are in-demand gifts as well as facial gift baskets. But it’s rare to gift a mini-fridge especially designed for skincare. Anyone obsessed with skincare knows that some products should be kept in the fridge. So, gifting them one that’s dedicated to skin products will be much appreciated.

It’s small enough to fit in the vanity. And has adorable designs and colors for different tastes.

10.Wellness Log

After all the relaxing tools and rituals, it’s nice to have a safe space for you to reflect and check in on your mental health and overall wellbeing.

A wellness log isn’t your typical journal. It invites you to answer questions related to your mind, energy, goals, and coping methods to maintain a healthy college life.

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