10 Ways to Do Well in CAIIB Exam

10 Ways to Do Well in CAIIB Exam

The CAIIB exam is one of the premium exams conducted by IIBF across the country. The examination is conducted only for the candidates who are already working in the Banking and Finance sector and are willing to upscale their professional and personal skill and scope.

Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers abbreviated as CAIIB exam is a biannual exam i.e. it is conducted twice in a year by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance in the month of June and November. IIBF conducted various other examinations apart from CAIIB, interested candidates can check IIBF exam page for relevant details. 

CAIIB is a highly esteemed exam for a banker but not all are able to qualify the exam in the first attempt due to the tough competition and the exhaustive syllabus. Hence, the article aims to give you certain workable and effective tips that can help you do well in the CAIIB exam and outdo the competitors in the final face off. 

Ways to Score More in CAIIB exam

1. Analyze the Syllabus Before Starting the Preparation – The first and the most important thing for any aspirant before starting with their preparation is to analyse the syllabus for the respective exam. This will help them sort their strengths and weaknesses in the syllabus and accordingly start their preparation

2. Set a Proper Time Table – The Syllabus for Certified Associate of IIBF exams is vast and for a candidate to be able to cover the entire syllabus is only possible if they dedicate equal time for each subject and give sufficient time for exam preparation. Thus, a proper study schedule is mandatory to be followed allocating dedicated time to each subject.

3. Give Practice Tests on a regular basis – It is important to evaluate your performance regularly. Practice tests help a candidate understand the type of questions asked in the exam and also analyze where they are making the most mistakes. Thus solving free practice tests available online or various practice papers is a highly suggested tip to improve your result and score more marks. 

4. Gather the Best Study Material Online & Offline – Having the best set of books and study material will only help ease a candidate’s preparation. Never try to read too many materials for one subject. Pick the best book and complete it comprehensively. This would be sufficient to deal with questions asked in the examination. IIBF provides dedicated study materials for different exams conducted by it. Candidates can courseware of IIBF on the official site.

5. Work on Time Management – The key to crack any competitive exam and not just CAIIB is by managing time well. Try solving questions not just efficiently but also within a shorter time span. While studying or taking up practice sets set time constraints to complete the topic or the subject. This way you will hone your skills of managing time. 

6. Do Self Study for good results – Self study is the key to success and that can only be achieved if a candidate has proper notes and study material to prepare from. They can look for tips, book lists and study notes both online & offline.

7. Solving Question papers from past years – To understand the level of exam and the exact exam pattern, previous year question papers will prove to be of great help. It must be noted that the level of the exam is one major factor that determines the calculation of cut off marks. So, to ensure that you can do the comparative analysis from the previous year papers.

8. Work on Speed and Accuracy – The more you practise, the more efficient and accurate you shall become. So while practising, ensure that you are able to solve more questions accurately within a short period of time. Take as many tests as possible to work on the speed and clarify basic concepts to gain accuracy in each topic.

9. Do not avoid Revision  – The last few days before the exam must only be utilised for revision and no new topic must be picked for preparation. Revising the important formulas, the short cut tricks and other important exam related questions must be done in the last few days to avoid any kind of confusion. Revising the topics that you read while preparation ensures that everything is ingrained in your memory.

10. Read the instructions on the Admit Card carefully – Once the admit card is released, candidates must carefully go through the information given in it and ensure that no error is found in the personal information part. Also, go through the rules/instructions mentioned in it and reach the exam centre on time with all the required documents.

Candidates must make a note that they reach the exam venue on time and with a calm mind. This will help them focus more and score more in the examination. Panicking at the last moment can affect their performance. Assist yourself following the above mentioned tips and you will surely do well in the upcoming CAIIB exam. Candidates willing to know about the CAIIB exam can check the linked page. 

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