10 Things to Consider When Designing Your Bedroom

10 Things to Consider When Designing Your Bedroom

A bedroom is the comfiest place that we head to whenever we need comfort and rest. It is a unique space where we get to rest, be ourselves, relax, and get cozy. This space works wonders in preparing us to face the challenges of the world. We also get to introspect our lives to be better people. It is the only place where we don’t have to pretend or put off something else.

Each one is unique and has different ideas to make your bedroom look a certain way as per your likes and desires. The bedroom is the one’s sanctuary that needs to be kept away from others. It is the only space where we get to experience the soothing vibe that is essential to keep us going despite our packed schedule and busy lifestyle. After a tiring day at work traveling back home and experiencing the hustle and bustle of the city life in Bangalore, one would straight away go into the bedroom to have a peaceful time of rest.

Therefore, it becomes essential on our part to have a fair share of ideas and proper planning before we design our bedroom as per the house construction cost in Bangalore. It is always better to plan before and achieve what you want rather than regret it later.

What All to Check Before Designing a Bedroom?

When you make up your mind to build a house for yourself, you need to check certain things and plan accordingly so that you can enjoy your home and especially your bedrooms without any inconvenience. The best house construction company will ensure that your standards are met and help you transform your dream into reality.

To get satisfaction and comfort from your bedroom, you need to give serious thought to the following issues while designing your bedroom –

Check Out for the Right Location – Have you ever had a closer look at the building plan and understood where your bedroom is going to be? Or are you just casual about it? Did you try to find out the exact place your bedroom should be as per the Vaastu? The direction in which the bedroom faces matter a lot for ultimate comfort. As the bedroom is your own space, keeping it private from the rest of the area is essential. When making the plan for the bedroom make sure that it is in a place where the visitors cannot peep into. It should be away from the common area so that privacy is maintained and all the guests do not have access to it.

Ensure Enough Natural Light and Ventilation – Any space that is bright spreads a cheerful vibe around it. Make sure that there are proper windows that allow natural light to come in and also allow fresh air into the room.  If you prefer to have more light come in, you can opt for windows with sliding doors to ensure the correct amount of light in the room. This will also help you enjoy a beautiful view from your window and also keeps the room well ventilated. Whenever you don’t need that much light you can always use curtains or draperies to block the sunlight.

Size of the Bedroom – The size of the bedroom needs to be decided and specified first as to whether it is the master bedroom where you want it to be spacious or you are ok even with the smaller one. The size basically will depend on the functionality of the bedroom and the type of furniture pieces you want in your bedroom. Therefore, careful and committed planning is essential to sort out the size of the room as per your requirements.

Shelves – You can plan to keep an in-built shelf to store your books or other accessories in place. You can even use this shelf to accessories any décor items that will help add to the beauty of the room.

Wardrobes – Wardrobes are essential components in a bedroom to store clothes and other accessories. It is a wise idea to select an L-shaped wardrobe so that the wall space is used productively and there is room for other establishments. Decide on the number of shelves you need in a wardrobe so that it can be built accordingly.

False Ceiling – The ceiling height for the bedrooms is considered to be 9 feet. However, a false ceiling can be built to accommodate any concealed lighting fixtures. It also keeps the room cool in summer and warm in winter.

Plumbing Work – A bedroom needs to have an attached bathroom. Therefore, the plumbing work has to be done well. The taps and the pipe fittings need to be done correctly so that there is no leakage from the bathroom pipes as it can ruin the walls of the bedroom. None of us wants a foul smell in our bedrooms. So, ensure that the sanitary fitting is done right and the bathrooms in the bedroom are ventilated.

Electrical wiring – Ensure proper wiring and earthing are done in the bedroom. Make proper planning to install the switchboard so that it can be accessed easily. Also, check out that the wiring is done according to all the safety standards to avoid any short circuits. Also, make room to get the decorative light fixtures installed and used conveniently.

Waterproofing – Ensure that proper waterproofing is done in the bedroom and fact all over the place, especially near the bathroom. If the piece of land had been excavated then, there is a chance that the water will seep into the walls from the ground surface. In this case, using waterproofing solutions while constructing is essential to keep the walls dry and prevent the water from seeping into the walls making them look dirty and keeping the damp smell at bay.

Extra Storage – There will always be a lack of storage space in a house because, with the growing need, we tend to accumulate more products or accessories. Creating extra storage will help declutter and give access to store our belongings in an organized way adding to the appearance of the room.

Design your Bedroom considering all these factors and also don’t forget to share your plans with the other family members. You can take some input from them as well and make your bedroom the best place for you to rest.

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